Seedland Federation

Federation of Regions, Townships, Communities, Realms, Cities and Lens

Population: ?

Capital: Seedington City

Major settlements: Seedington City, Midseed, New Hereford

Largest industries: Weath, forestry, wool

Largest companies: ?

Seedland is a federation of smaller units in a quite complex administrative system. The federation has jurisdiction over the area around the river Seed and the Farmington river. The national assembly of Seedland, as well as the President's Office is situated in Seedington City, the capital of the Federation, in the south of Seedland, in the delta mouth of rivers Seed and Farmington. The Councils of Seedland has office in Midseed Town. 


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A Township is a settlement with the administrative rank of a town. These often functions as a local trade centre and is often a larger assembly of people than traditional rural areas. Greater Townships refere to a Township where the mayorship also includes surroundings. Townships elect a Mayor. It is the core Seed area, New Hereford and Western Seed which operate with this administrative unit.



Cappon Township is a suburb town to Seedington City. Location is on the north bank of Seedstrait. The Cappon station splits into heading for Midseed, New Hereford and Seedington. The Lower Seed-Cappon Airport is situated to the west of the township, in the south of the Donwoods. The Seedstrait bridge crosses the river between the airport and Seedington.

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Regional CouncilsEdit

Regional councils is no longer an administrative unit, but serves as a way of systemizing elections. 

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Lens is a special administrative unit that is the only applicable unit in Lenland, but that does not exist anywhere else. The unit differs from others in the way that it has no single administrative head. In the Lenthing, every inhabitant can meet, discuss and vote in matters concerning the len. Albeit, the len elects a lenman, but he is only the speaker of the Lenthing, and represent the len in the Federation.

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A Realm is a feudal administrative unit that is undemocratic. The Realms is lead by a Landlord, ruling from a Manor, which election rules are locally decided. Realms is an auristocratic way of government, and has long traditions way back in the history of Seedland. While some realms are souvereign, others may be subject to other realms. It is only souvereign Landlords that are represented in the Councils of Seed, while subjected Landlords are observatories. 

Oak RealmEdit

The Oak Realm, lead from Oak Manor, is concidered the oldest realm in Seedland. Ruling over most of the western bank of Seed river, the realm is both populous and rich. Over time, the realm has grew to control two communities, Rose Bank and Prominent Valley Communities to the south and east of core Oak. The ruling family of Woolton Manor is a cadet branch to Oak, and Woolton is often concidered a vassal of Oak, though this is not official. Oakport, Seedport and Roseport are important ports along the west bank of river Seed. Weath cultivation, forestry and river cargo is the most important industries and income sources of the realm.

Woolton RealmEdit

Woolton Realm, lead from Woolton Manor, has jurisdiction over the northwestern plainbanks of river Seed. The Woolport is largest settlement, and important for river cargo. Weath cultivation, forestry and wool production is main industries.

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