Seedington City


Population: ?

Mayorships: Railton, East End, Farmington

Major industries: Railway, local services, trade, entertainment, administration management

Major companies: Lower Seed rails, 

Seedington is currently the only administrative unit with the rang of city in Seedland. The highest administrative level is a council of the local mayors inside the city. These are equal, and there are no single person with highest authority. Currently the mayorships are Railton, East End and Farmington. Seedington is most importantly the administrative center of the Federation. Among the federal buildings and institutions include the House of Democracy, the House of the State and the Department of Justice. The Cities Railton area is also the world's largest transportational hub in the Seedington main station. 

Seedington City Centre Edit

The city centre is located central on the island in the bay. The blocks around Main street and Centre street is the commercial and administrative centre of Seedland, with buildings like the Greyson Tower, Lower Seed House of the Railroad, and the administration of the City and Seedland in the House of Democracy and the House of the State.


Railton is the old city of Seedington, situated on the westernmost tip of the Seedington Island. Originally a railroad station settlement, the mayorship now has a major commercial area around main street, including the Seedington main station and House of the River. To the north is a residential area.

East EndEdit

Southtip Edit

Trunkbank Edit

Birchhill Edit

Farmington NorthEdit

Farmington North is the residential and rural areas to the north of the Farmington island. The main settlement lies around the Farmington main street and Bakerstreet. Farmington North station is on the northmost position of Farmington main street, and splits the Farmington local rail circle and the plainline going towards Riverlen, Calmes and Lenton. On the northtip is a famous park area, and to the northeast is the Farmington bakeries.

Farmington CityEdit

Greater Seedington area Edit

The Greater Seedington area includes a few out-of-town townships and settlements close to the city either by road or railroad. To the north along the seedline, in Lower Seed lies See's End, part of the Donplain Realm, the Lower Seed-Cappon Airport, Cappon Township and Egg township. To the east/northeast in Lenland, Egglen and Rylen are concidered part of the greater Seedington City area.


The Seedington local railway system has its centre in Seedington Main station in Railton. In the city, three underground stations, excluding the main station, run underground: Main Street station, East End station and Southtip station. All stations and lines are owned and run by the Lower Seed rail company.===Track 1 === Seedington Main - Main Street - Southttip (end)

Track 2 (Farmington circle)Edit

Seedington Main - Main Street - Southttip - Farmington City - (enter track 3) Farmington North - East End - Main Street - Seedington Main - (towards Tallgrass)

Track 3 (Farmington circle)Edit

Seedington Main - Main Street - East End - Farmington North - (enter track 2 Farmington City - Southttip - Main Street - Seedington Main (end)

Track 4 (Plainline)Edit

(from Tallgrass) - Seedington Main - Main Street - East End - Farmington North - (enter Plainline) Sunlen - Melonlen - Riverlen (end) (planned extension)

Track 5 (Seedline)Edit

Seedington Main - Seed's End - Lower Seed-Cappon Airport - Cappon - Midseed

Track 6 (Western Hills Line)Edit

Seedington Main - Lower Seed-Cappon Airport - Cappon - Egg - Western Hills - New Hereford (end ) (planned extension)