New Hereford is a region on the east, north and northeast bank of river Seed. The New Hereford area, and especially the area closest to the Town, is concidered a rich and relatively populated rural land.

New Hereford Township Edit

New Hereford Township is one of the largest settlements outside Seedington in Seedland, and the uncontested largest port on the upper river, as well as the capital of New Hereford region. In addition to local services, the shipyard is a major industry. The New Hereford Learning centre and largest school is located outisde. The House of New Hereford hosts the townships as well as the regions administration.

Approach Realm and Herewood mine area Edit

To the south of New Hereford Town lies a rich plain area, mostly controlled by the Approach Manor. Eastwards up the valley there are several active mines in South Herewood, in the Herewood Community.

Ingham and Madley Realm Edit

North of New Hereford Town is a rich plain area. The easternmost part is controlled by Madley Manor, while the western is a part of Greater Ingham Township. Wool and weath are the largest export.

Falland Edit

Falland is the area in the northeasternmost part of the New Hereford Valley. The area has earned its name from the various water falls falling down from the nearby mountain tops. Falland Ladder Township is famous for its settlements in several floors climbing up the hillside with water running beside like a ladder, which has made it a significant tourist destination. The plain area on the upper plateau is mainly controlled by Leomin Manor, and the station at Leominton is the furthest north, and may take you all the way to Seedington.

Western Hills Edit

The Western Hills is a hill area to the east of river Seed, south of New Hereford. Though it is located quite east in Seedland, the name describes the main settlement in the plateau valley that is west of the hilltops. The northern part of the Hill parish to Greater Western Hills Township, while the southern part is mainly controlled by Upland Manor.

Northvale Edit

Northvale is the westernmost part of New Hereford, quite cut off of the rest of New Hereford with only two roads leading here. The area has probably most intervention with New Wallonia Realm to the south of Hainaut strait on the Seed river. Valeport has a shipyard as main industry, while agriculture and forestry is vital upwards the valley.