Period 1Edit

Civilized area begins. The Estuary Bay is being settled. 

Four organized governments institutionalizes in the Bay: Coveville, Birch, Profoundland and Hatton. 

Period 2Edit

Hatton, Birch and Coveville agree to enter into a federation, and Birch gives the southern half of its territory to create the Tallgrass Republic. 

Western Seed and Upper Seed is settled. Manors and realms are establishes, especially Oak remains important. Houseton is settled.

Lakeland breaches with Hatton and forms Broad River.

New Haven is settled. The Tallgrass Republic claims and settles Boundaryland and Sprucely.

Namur and Wrekin townships enters an alliance named Seedland. More towns join, soon also communities and some manors. Midseed becomes administrative centre.

Houseton township and Oak manor enters an alliance, and form the state Houseton & Oak.

Lower Seed and New Hereford is settled. Trade prospers on the river Seed. 

Seedington City is settled, and becomes the new capital of the Seedland Federation. Egglen, Sunlen and Melonlen is taken up in the federation. Houseton & Oak is taken up in the federation. Riverlen and Calmes is taken up in the federation.

Period 3Edit

The first federal election is held in the Seedland Federation. The Labor party wins the Presidency and the majority of the Seedland national Assembly. 

Lenton City is settled.